Fakir's Spirit + Flesh 2018
Ecstatic Shamanism Workshop & Rituals

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This December Ritual Tradition will be offered again in 2019 in honor of Fakir.

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Ever wonder how far a body ritual can take you? Join your friends and other seekers for a day or more of intense exploration at our next SPIRIT+FLESH Workshop & Ritual. Fakir and Cléo will take you on a memorable journey that includes background information, preparatory exercises, psychic cleansing, shamanic piercing and a prolonged "energy pull" ritual/dance at the conclusion of the workshop.

From last Spirit + Flesh Workshop

Since the dawn of humankind, intense physical sensation has been incorporated in rites whose purpose is an "Ecstatic State". In Ecstatic States boundaries are expanded, consciousness is shifted, visions are encountered, healing and personal transformations can occur. Participants, and even spectators or witnesses, often experience euphoria and a feeling of well-being and transcendence.

In SPIRIT+FLESH workshops, Fakir and Cléo begin by taking you on an exotic journey through the ecstatic body rites of other cultures. They then show how those rites been adapted to the needs and tastes of contemporary Western Culture -- especially within the BDSM and body modification communities. SPIRIT+FLESH workshops & rituals are based on Fakir's personal experimentation, his research on the universal "whys", "hows" and "wherefores" of body rites and his hand-on experience with group rituals he has facilitated in various subcultures since 1990.

Photos from previous San Francisco Workshop and Ritual

View Initiation, a magical live suspension ritual performance at Torture Garden, London.