Going Home pic by Cleo

Dear Followers, Fans, Students and Loving Friends,

The time has come for me to inform you that Fakir's shelf life is running out. I have been fighting stage 4 lung cancer since last October, and I am near my expiration date.

I am grateful and honored beyond words to have known you—all of you who have been touched by my presence and followed my example—and the dizzying, fun, enlightening, and delightful experience of seeing so many embrace body piercing and body rituals. I never expected our passions and practices to grow to a global phenomenon—that my early visions of Modern Primitives would expand beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for embracing, growing, and embodying our art, craft, and energetic ritual practices. They have changed the cultural landscape worldwide. May they serve you well in the future.

Though I will soon pass into the unseen world, I take pride in knowing that my legacy will continue with the Fakir Intensives, hopefully for many years to come. The institution we have built does not cater to the ambitions of a small group of exclusives, but strives to provide broad educational support to everyone drawn by its charms, skills, and magic. Deep, serious learning. This twenty-eight-year journey has not only been mine, but that of a dedicated staff of teachers. We helped one another. We shared with each other. We improved year-after-year. Our devotion is to pass on everything we have discovered to those who want to learn. My heartfelt thanks to Ken Coyote, Jef Saunders, Cody Vaughn, Ian Bishop, Tod Almighty, Jori Zan, BettyAnn Peed, Becky Dill, Laura Jane Leonard, Neo Colette, Wm. Grindatti, past instructors who moved on, including Dustin Allor, Dr. Natalie Lowry, Fashia Fontaine, Sharon Nickle, Seth Cameron, Idexa, and everyone who has supported the workshops and my passions over the years: Carry on!

Now, I have a request: I realize that many of you may wish to reach out to me, but I will be unable to manage a deluge of emails and phone calls in my final days, which I wish to spend in quiet solitude with my loving wife Carla (aka Cleo Dubois.) However, I would very much appreciate a handwritten note from you by postal mail. My address is:

Fakir Musafar
Menlo Park, CA

For future students, scholars, and press, I am pleased to announce that the Bancroft Library, at the University of California, Berkeley, has acquired my archives, and will make them available for posterity. These archives include my writings, books, interviews, photography, and videos. I have also donated part of my collection to the Body Piercing Archive at the APP.

Goodbye dear friends, and may you all have as wonderful a journey as I have had.


May 2018, Menlo Park, California

Fakir passed into the unseen world on August 1, 2018 at home surrounded by his loving wife Carla, chosen family, and adoring cats.