We no longer offer Fakir's branding workshop. This page is for historical purposes and will be moved in the future.

Basic Baanding

Fakir's Basic Branding Intensive offered 16 class-hours of instruction and practice, usually on a Friday and Saturday in San Francisco. The workshop was designed for those who wish to expand the depth and skills of their Body Arts by learning the "Kiss of Fire".

Techniques covered were complimentary to the art of tattooing and represent powerful tools in energy movement rituals. Three types of branding were taught and practiced in this course:

  1. Fire Direct Branding
  2. Multi-Strike Branding
  3. Fineline Electro-Cautery Branding

Subject Matter Covered:

Branding History, Traditions and Stereotypes; Branding as an Art and Shamanic Ritual; Fundamentals and Techniques for the Three Types of Branding (with live demos); Appropriate Tools; Practical Brand Design & Aesthetics; Human Physiology and Psychology of Branding; Energy Movement; Health & Safety Guidelines; Brand Aftercare & Enhancement; Art of Making Practical Multi-Strike Brands; Practice Sessions on Non-human Surfaces; Closely Supervised Student Branding on Students (Required for this course).

All tools and materials needed for the course were supplied by Fakir Intensives including a comprehensive workbook with technique, design, and safety information. Class sizes ranged from 6 to 10 students who received personal attention from several experienced instructors. Concluding sessions employed pain control techniques and ritual energy movement as students branded each other.

Photos from Class:

a student working in branding class
A student from the March 2011 Branding class