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The Fakir Musafar Foundation continues the life work and tradition of Fakir Musafar by embracing his mission and message and sharing the accumulated knowledge of hundreds of body arts advocates and devotees through the workshops and rituals he created and refined.

About Fakir

Father of the Modern Primitive Movement, Teacher & Artist

Piercer Training

Learn the Art, Skills & Magic of Body Piercing

Spirit + Flesh Workshop

November 19, 2023
Ecstatic Shamanism Workshop & Ritual

Our Mission

The Fakir Musafar Foundation provides education and guidance for the safe and sophisticated engagement in the body arts: piercing, branding, and scarification, and facilitates personal exploration through timeless, cross-cultural body rites and rituals as a route to spiritual awakening, self-awareness, and empowerment. The workshops and guided experiences the foundation hosts are open to anyone with the desire to learn, and are designed to encourage and promote the open dissemination of both traditional and contemporary body arts knowledge and practice. The foundation exists to promote and realize the message and example set by Fakir Musafar: that the “Body is the Door to Spirit.”

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