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Piercer Training Workshops

All students enrolling in Fakir Basic and Advanced Piercer Training Workshops are now required to have a California Piercer License to complete their course work. When enrolling, students now need to provide us with: (1) copy of photo I.D., (2) proof of Blood Borne Pathogen training, (3) proof of Hepatitis B vaccination or declination, (4) completed application for San Francisco Department of Public Health piercer permit (we provide forms).

"Body of God" New documentary on Hulu.com

Fakir in the Movies

Now in the mainstream, a new documentary film featuring Fakir: BODY OF GOD. This 80 minute film is now available on HULU.com. To see it, just go to Hulu.com and enter "Body of God" in the search box. You can see the film free with commercials, or free without commercials for one month by joining Hulu+. The film was shot in California during 2012 and includes Jim Ward, Paul King, Tod Almighty, C.M. Hurt and other pioneers. This entertaining and amazing history of the contemporary body piercing and modification movement was produced by filmmaker Jouni Hakkanen, was edited in Helsinki Finland and will be shown worldwide in film festivals during 2014.

Fakir on YouTube
finding spirit - fakir interview fakir at lakewood theater in texas Fakir CoRE Ritual
In a November, 2013 KMVT television conversation, Fakir and Alan Ross Hugenot, author of "The Death Experience", exchange thoughts about the nature of life in and out of the body. Click here.

JUST UP: Recent talk and ritual performance at SUSCON (Suspension Convention) in Dallas. Fakir's 40-minute lecture on "Suspensions & Pulls: Flight to Spirit". Click here.

Amazing 30-minute PUJA performance/ritual collaboration between CoRE and Fakir at the Lakewood Theater on Easter Weekend 2014. Click here.

In two other 30-minute KMVT interviews Fakir had a chance to speak about the modern primitive movement and our body/spirit connection. For interview #1 click here. For interview #2 click here. For a graphic visual profile of Fakir's bodyplay and life's work made by French producers and Canal+ click here.


From Sun Dance DVDSun Dance & Kavadi Video Clips

To preview Fakirs' Sun Dance and Kavadi DVD, click here. To preview his bodymod photo book, Spirit+Flesh, click here. To order items in these previews plus other books and Fakir's photo prints, visit our Online Store .


Upcoming Events

Spirit+Flesh workshop and ritual in San Francisco, Sunday December 6, 2015
September 14-23, 2015: Appearance in Italy for Branding Workshop and Italian SUSCON